Car Tyre Changers

Car Tyre Changer cover

Passenger Car Tyre Changer – Highlights

Center post tire changer pole tilting back

  • TLL– leverless mounting head
  • Ergo Control bead breaker
  • Pneumatic Lift
  • Roller board
  • Side Storage
  • Helper device TLL
  • Inverter solution – 1ph.
  • WDK Approved

30” automatic leverless tyre changer

  • Easy and precise locking system
  • Unique tooling system
  • Inverter solution
  • 2 laser pointers
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Side lift
  • Completely electromechanic

Inflating control box

  • Pressure gauge
  • Air supply and oiler
  • Inflating cable

Control console

  • Joysticks, buttons and switches in an intuitive layout that supports the tyre changing process

Two laser pointers for wheel set up

  • 2 color code to make it intuitive
  • 2 buttons to make it easy
  • Green to set wheel diameter
  • Red to set the wheel width

Center post clamping system

Side lift


Outstanding stability with G-Frame

No efforts: Pneumatic positioning and locking of the mounting head

Inflating system: by a side pedal

Powerful locking system

  • steel rims=external clamping
  • alloy rims=protected internal clamping

Tubeless inflating system: directly mounted in the turntable jaw – opt.

Speedy: Two-speed turntable, pedal-control

Double Control: 2 independent arm

New Tecnoroller NG

Protective element: Reducing risk of injury due to turning table

4 position bead breaker system
Optimized bead-breaker: 40 % faster
Ergo Control function: –opt.


Beissbarth Tyre Chaanger

Upgrade of the ADH tool:

  • New surface treatment
  • New tool shape
  • Hexagonal vertical arm
  • Lever less mounting head.

Technology to prevent rim/tire damages

  • Faster and Easier demounting/li>
  • Effortless operation./li>
  • Tool approved from BMW.

adh tool


Tecnoroller NG

  • Faster and Easier mounting/ demounting
  • UHP and RFT tyres
  • Ergomomic
  • Effortless operation

Tecnoroller NG

Side Lift NG

  • Ergonomic
  • Faster & Easier
  • Effortless
  • Improve Productivity
  • For the entire Tyre Changer Platform

Side Lift NG

Ergo Control

  • Effortless Bead Breaker System
  • Faster & Easier
  • Ergonomic working position
  • Intuitive & Easy
  • Protection of wheel/rim and TPMS

Ergo Control


Beissbarth MS 670 Tyre Changer Demo


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