Digital headlight testers

Intelligent, fast and precise
Code: MLD 815
Product: Electronic headlamp testing
Data sheet: Product Specs
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE

New vehicle lighting technologies are entering the market at a much higher rate than in previous years.

Xenon and LED headlights have already been established in the mass segment of medium sized vehicles, but headlight testers have still not found their way into the workshops.

Clearly, when these types of headlights are assessed or set incorrectly this can create a high hazard potential on the road!

Digital devices take over the valuation and guide the user through the process.

The camera technology enables an error-free valuation of the headlights with a strong blue fringe (e.g. xenon and LED).

In addition to that, it is possible to update the software for future headlight systems.

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Beissbarth Digital Headlight Testers