Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment cover

Wheel Alignment – Highlights

TOUCHLESS Easy, Fast & Profitable

Smart Test

  • Measuring results for camber and toe within seconds
  • Touchless Smart Test at the reception generates additional jobs for the workshop

4 wheels live measurement

  • Time-saving wheel-alignment check within seconds
  • Faster and more precise than systems with multi-stage 2-wheel measurement thanks to simultaneous live measurement of all 4 wheels

Innovative non-contact technology

  • No time-consuming installation of wheel clamps or plates
  • No damaging of rims
  • No setup-driven measurement error

touchless whhel aligner


Fast 3D technology with 12 cameras

  • Automatic measurement
  • High reproducibility of results
  • Reduced set-up times
  • Includes rolling runout compensation
  • Clear working area at the vehicle front

New Software

Easy 3D+: Wired data transfer to the PC
Easy 3D+ WLAN
Wireless data transfer to the PC
• High mobility, fewer cable route, fewer obstacles
Easy 3D+ Scopes of delivery: Flex
• Flexible solution including trolley
• Use of own PC and accessories
System with PC, trolley and monitor
Complete system with PC, trolley, monitor and selected accessories

easy 3d+ wheel aligner

easy 2 cam 3d tech

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